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Emotional Fool Program

If you’re an over-thinker looking for peace, then you probably already know that you need help.

I see you. I've been where you are. Too much uncontrolled thinking leaves us frustrated, irritable and exhausted. When it's pervasive, it's time to get a handle on it because it can turn into anxiety FAST. Ready to STOP the endless cycle of distracted thinking? It's a simple matter of learning to discipline your mind. This is where my experience comes in! May I help you?

how to control your emotions
how to stop overthinking

How to stop overthinking? But guess what? You're not alone, and there is a way out.

Overthinking is that little voice inside your head that just won't quit. It's the constant worry, self-doubt, and analyzing every single detail until your mind feels like a tornado We'll help you unravel its sneaky tricks, uncover its root causes, and shed light on why your mind tends to go into overdrive..

What you can achieve after the program:



Stop your brain's constant chatter



Learn to discipline your mind



Choose focus and calm on the regular


Overthinking To Inner Peace


overthinking to inner peace blueprint


Dr. Neha Mehta

the solution

Stop Overthinking Now! - A Journey to Healing

what you'll get

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Here's what you get inside the course


What is overthinking & what do people do it?


Long term harms that overthinking can do! 😓

(that people don't talk about)


Is it right or wrong (realistic approach)


What to do when you overthink *real solutions*


Symptoms of overthinking that people miss


How to avoid overthinking permanently

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Meet your Mentor & Coach

Emotional Fool Program

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Dr. Neha Mehta

Dr. Neha Mehta

Dr. Neha Mehta is an RCI registered Psychologist, certified Relationship Counselor, and a well-known Sexual counsellor in India, practicing in Haryana.

Dr. Neha has 10 years of enriching experience in the field of counseling. She’s an accredited Psychologist by NIMHANS and International Affiliate with the American Psychological Association.

She’s an accredited Psychologist by NIMHANS and International Affiliate with the American Psychological Association.

Honored with awards such as

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Overthinking To Inner Peace Blueprint (Complete Program)

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What you'll get:


Have any questions?

The Overthinking Mastery Course is designed to provide strategies and techniques to help individuals manage and reduce overthinking. While it can be beneficial for individuals experiencing mild to moderate levels of anxiety, it is not a substitute for professional mental health treatment. If you have severe anxiety or mental health conditions, it’s recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

The Overthinking Mastery Course is self-paced, allowing you to go through the material at your own speed. The course consists of modules that cover different aspects of overthinking. Each module typically takes around 1-2 hours to complete, but you can take as much time as you need. It’s recommended to go through the material in a way that allows for reflection and practice of the techniques taught.

Yes, you will have lifetime access to the course material, including any updates or additions made to the content. This allows you to revisit the material whenever you need a refresher or want to reinforce the strategies and techniques you’ve learned.

Yes, the Overthinking Mastery Course provides support from instructors throughout your journey. You’ll have access to a community forum where you can connect with fellow participants and ask questions. Instructors will be actively involved in the forum, providing guidance, answering questions, and offering additional support.

Absolutely! The Overthinking Mastery Course is designed to cater to individuals at all levels, whether you’re new to the concept of overthinking or have been struggling with it for years. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of overthinking and offers practical strategies that are accessible and easy to implement

Overcoming overthinking is a process that requires commitment and practice. While the course provides you with the knowledge, techniques, and support to manage overthinking, the outcome ultimately depends on your effort and dedication to applying what you’ve learned. The course equips you with the tools, but it’s up to you to implement them in your life.

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