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Experience the next level of mindfulness with our MyMind.School VIP Community on Facebook. Step into a realm wher connection, growth, and transformation converge. Our exclusive community is your gateway to unparalleled insights, real-time mentorship, and a supportive environment to nurture your mindfulness practice.

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Join the MyMind.School VIP Community on Facebook – where connection, knowledge, and mindfulness come together. Seize this opportunity to be part of a community that nurtures growth, understanding, and a deeper connection to yourself. Let's embark on this mindfulness journey together like never before.

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mymind school vip community
mymind school vip community

Welcome to MyMind.School VIP Community on Facebook

Joining as a VIP member gives you special access to exclusive stuff! Get a sneak peek into upcoming programs at MyMind.School, like a backstage pass to the cool world of mindfulness. Your membership opens the door to a world of knowledge and exciting discoveries!"

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mymind school vip community


Dr. Neha Mehta

Meet your Mentor & Coach

Dr. Neha Mehta

About Dr. Neha

Conquer mental health hurdles with top therapist and psychologist in India by your side, building a supportive relationship!

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Shaveta Mehta

About Dr. Shaveta Mehta

Master your well-being with 'Achieving Optimal Health: A Guide-expert tips for physical, mental, and emotional balance.

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